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Zana Garton

I am an actuary and advocate. I studied maths at McGill University. I worked in Plano and Buenos Aires, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Vietnam and at present work at Cardinal Health.

The Future is Now / Technology has saved us /Science Fiction is our reality / Prophecy foretold and fulfilled /Cyberspace VR bubble tech is all the rage amongst the first class citizenry ~ Escape hatches into imagineered codeworld habitats ~ Suicide rates rise as life loses meaning ~ Cyborgs are tre chic, but once you go, you cant come back ~ Digital sex drugs proliferate in the legal marketplace ~ Marijuana is still illegal ~ Gated communes of hippy elites and Christian fundamentalists live in peaceful animosity, ignoring each other as they shop together at the mall of the world franchise store ~ The greatest casino ever was the World Trade Centre, blown up by irate customers who were trained by the CIA and lost it all on the blackjack table ~ Space exploration is reality, but in truth it is boring, consisting of stasis tubes and virtual reality sexcapades to pass the time between star systems ~ On the way to Alpha Centauri "space cabin fever" implodes the first crew, a fact which is covered up by UNASA. Indymedia leaks the story but Star Trek cults continue to sign up en masse to join the Space Rat Race regardless ~ Paramilitary police maraud the public housing development suburbs ~ Judges inflicting mandatory detentions on indigineous crimes and misdemenours make more work for private prison corporations ~ Big Brother watches over the monoculture with surveillance tech, broadcasts it to spectator culture via Reality TV ~ Empire inflicts public relations edicts via billboard marketing methods, engineering democracy to suit the power structures elite ~ Aliens have landed; colonising the multiculture with weeds, vermin, and white trash culture. Others are refugees, escaping their homeworld wars, only to be placed on the moon in what is called the "lunar solution" ~ HyperSoma is the new age television, interactive with prozac and trash media. The dominant species is the car, followed by the cow, both are experts at flattening the ecology underneath ~ Genegineer corp. has forced their products onto starving nations, buying up all arable land to grow coffee and other export luxuries while natives go hungry ~ Spent a billion on researching high protein potatoes which are still just a fraction of nutrition in an organic eggplant ~ Battery farms mass produce every product; Meat factories/Fish farms/Warehouses full of animals with stolen souls, and the livestock they are paid to look after ~ A child grows up without ever tasting a real tomato ~ Pesticide flavour is the latest favourite condiment at the fast food franchises ~ Pills developed for space travel replace the boring task of cooking and eating/Welcome to the Simulacrum.

Radio Free Undergrowth

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